The following comments are only the most recent of many we receive from students and parents:

Ernest, Adult GUITAR Student

“After retiring and having little ability to read music, I decided to pursue a delayed lifelong ambition to play the guitar. I was very lucky to have learned of [MW Instructor’s] teaching skills and his willingness to take me on as a student and have taken guitar lessons from him for over two years. He has been very patient with me and I can now play while reading music as well as from memory.”


"My son, [Student’s Name] and I have been taking piano and guitar lessons with [MW Instructor] for the past year and a few months.  [He] has a unique teaching style and [Student's Name] has been making great progress both in his guitar playing and singing.  What I like about our instructor is his enthusiasm for getting his students to strive toward performing.  We’re planning on continuing with [his] lessons throughout his school years…”


"In my case, after years of self-directed acoustic music education, I decided to search out an instructor who could teach me the musical theory that I was not able to gain independently.  After interviewing several instructors..., I had but one individual that I thought could help me…although I am 55 years old, I feel that I have been treated with patience, compassion and honesty by [MW Instructor].  In my life experience, that is truly a unique experience."


"I have worked with man professional musicians over the past 15 years, as a director of three children’s theater productions and also with several instructors for my children (piano and clarinet).  I have seen a range of love for teaching children among those teachers.  I can honestly say [MW Instructor] is the best of my experience.  He has a wonderful gift for encouraging and motivating youth to reach beyond their own expectations for excellence.  His kind and patient attitude makes it easy for a student to work to tackle hard material.  Currently my daughter is his guitar student – she has learned a remarkable amount of music theory and technique on her guitar." 


"My eleven year old son started taking guitar lessons from [MW Instructor] 18 months ago.  He started as a beginner, knowing nothing about the guitar or music theory.  In the last year and a half, my son has learned many chords, scales, and rhythms on the guitar, along with a wealth of music theory.  My normally shy and introverted son is now proud that he can share his music with others in our family and church.  Through [MW Instructor] encouragement, he has found his ‘musical voice’.

[MW Instructor] is a very gifted teacher, and intuitively knows when to softly encourage a student, and when to enthusiastically challenge a student, pushing them to reach their full potential.   

In addition to teaching the physical act of playing the guitar, [MW Instructor] offers constant support and encouragement, and is always available with a quick response to any questions which may arise throughout the week.  He goes above and beyond most music teachers, and often organizes concerts and field trips to give his students countless opportunities to develop their passion for music, and share their gift with others in the community.  

We feel very blessed to have [MW Instructor] not only as a music teacher, but as a strong, caring role model in our son’s life who exemplifies the virtues we wish our son to develop as he grows into adulthood."



"To Whom It May Concern: My daughter, [Student’s Name], has been taking guitar and piano lessons with [MW Instructor] since April 2011.  [MW Instructor] is a fantastic music teacher.  [Student’s Name] has learned so much music theory from [MW Instructor] along with guitar and piano.  I cannot believe how fast [she] has picked up piano.  She has been playing for less than one year and [he] already has her composing songs.  Her guitar skills have skyrocketed since starting with [Him].  I have never met a teacher that is so good at motivating his students.  [She] always looks forward to her lessons with [him] and she learns something new all the time.  [MW Instructor] does an excellent job teaching in such a well-rounded way.  Not only does he teach how to play an instrument, he also teaches them to play with other musicians, to play in front of an audience, what kind of gear they need to play in public, and most of all music theory.   

Previously [Student’s Name] took guitar lessons in [Other Lesson Studio] from April 2009 until April 2011.  [Student's Name] had lessons with three different instructors from [Other Lesson Studio] and none of them compare to [her MW Instructor].  She enjoyed her lessons there but she Loves her lessons with [MW Instructor]."


"When we started asking around for guitar lessons for our son, [Student’s Name], one name came up over and over: [MW Instructor's Name].  From our initial contact with [MW Instructor], we were impressed with his professionalism.  He had an obvious passion for music and teaching, but even more important to us, took a keen interest in [Student’s Name].  We could tell this was much more than a 'job' for him.  [Student’s Name] has made remarkable progress for a beginner in the four months he has been learning from [MW Instructor], and already has his sights set high for playing the guitar.  [MW Instructor] has lit a fire under [Student’s Name], and we hope he continues teaching for a long time to come."


"My son, [Student’s Name], has been taking music lessons with [MW Instructor] for almost two years.  In that time, he has greatly improved in both playing skills and music theory.  [His] instruction has gone far beyond the typical music lesson, in preparing [Student’s Name] to improvise and compose as well as become more technically adept at playing guitar and piano. 

[MW Instructor] goes above and beyond in working with his students, and we have been more than impressed with his ability to teach and his desire to see them excel."


"For years, I thought about playing the guitar...and was chatting with a co-worker about it one day...He had been taking lessons from [MW Instructor] and recommended him to me...That was 2 years ago, and in that two years I have learned a great deal about music from [MW Instructor], as well as a great deal about myself...Not only has [he] taught me about guitar, he's given lessons about theory and provided guidance in my songwriting...Yes, songwriting...After I started playing guitar with [MW Instructor], I realized I had a knack for songwriting...and [his] experience being in a band and a songwriter himself (along with extreme enthusiasm and patience!) was a great help to me in my newly discovered hobby...So much so, that he's producing my debut album! I can't express enough how grateful I am to have [MW Instructor] as a teacher, producer and friend...He's played a key role in my growth as a musician...and would recommend anyone, of any age, to take lessons from him..."