Meet Our Instructors 


Lyle Raymond

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Piano

“My entire approach to teaching music is based on two principles: First, that music is a language, and should be learned in the same manner as one’s native language, through listening, experimentation, and improvisation. Second, that music is best practiced with others. For these reasons, I use activities like improvisation, ear training, and composition in my courses. I strive to create a “working musician” experience for my students, in which performance objectives are given high priority.

I know that most students don’t aspire to be professionals, but I will treat every student as though they do.”


Nan Yi


“Piano has been part of my life since I was seven. Learning and playing music have become my daily life, shaping who I am as a person. Music not only mimics nature, but reveals the inwardness of nature. It is one of the most complex representations of nature. My goal is to understand the basics about music and develop my own thoughts and ideas on music.

Passing on my musical experience is always exciting. Different individuals have different approaches to music and each person hears the same piece differently. Learning an instrument is always useful for students to better understand music. My piano lesson involves basic keyboard technic teaching, ear training, and theory learning.”


Sherman Ng


“I've been playing piano since I was four, and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Each time I learn a new piece, it is always a new chapter for me. My goal as a teacher is to help my students find music as a passion and learn to appreciate it as an art. My piano lessons involve basic music theory, ear training, sight reading, and basic piano techniques.”


Andrea Wang


“Piano is my favorite musical instrument because of its versatility and elegance. I started playing the piano when I was five, and it hit me then how deeply music can touch my soul. Music can inspire new ideas and make friends. It is a musical language that strengthens human connections. Learning to play piano can be challenging, and I love guiding and encouraging any who have a passion for music. My favorite part of teaching is helping students achieve their goals and seeing how music can expand their lives..”


Work for Us

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