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Guitar Lessons

Beginner students of all ages start from scratch with heaps of encouragement by our fantastic guitar instructors! Students are introduced to basic chords and fun strumming patterns, and are playing music within weeks!  

Intermediate guitar students are given an exciting progress plan, improving at very fast paces.  Students become acquainted with bar chords, finger-picking, lead guitar scales, practical music theory, and much more.  Many students begin forming solo acts or music groups, and many start exploring songwriting. 

Advanced students find their limits pushed.  Lead playing all over the neck is mastered, and we learn to apply music theory like a pro.  The nuances of musical maturity and the necessity of quality gear are both explored.  Relative pitch is developed through ear training and mastered on this level. 

Check out former student Max Dvorak here (this image) who is now studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston — one of the most prestigious music schools in the world.


"I cannot believe how fast she has picked up piano.  She has been playing for less than one year and he already has her composing songs."

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Piano Lessons

The piano is the foundation for all other instruments.  Not every piano student/musician desires the same outcome from music lessons.  Some enjoy classical music while others enjoy the music they hear on the radio and would like to play pieces from their favorite contemporary act.  Some dream of performing in front of large crowds, yet others simply look forward to quiet personal practice sessions for personal enjoyment.  With this said, it is our goal to help our piano students think about where they want to go in their music journey, and chart our lesson path to lead them to their chosen destination.


"The instructor had an obvious passion for music and teaching, but even more important to us, took a keen interest in our son.  We could tell this was much more than a 'job' for him."

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Voice Lessons

You just got a part in your high school musical?  Awesome - we want to help your performance!  Your little one just can't stop singing Disney's latest?  It's great you're seeing such creativity so young - let's have fun learning!  Are you the lead singer in your band, and looking to take your music to the next level?  Our experienced professional voice instructor will help you achieve your goals.  We help our voice students express themselves in fun and interesting ways.

"After I started playing guitar I realized I had a knack for songwriting.  My instructor's experience in a band and as a songwriter was a great help to me in my newly discovered hobby - so much so, that he produced my debut album!"  - Alicia Lee (below)

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Songwriting Lessons

Would you like to learn how to create your own music?  Have you ever written a poem that could easily be converted into song lyrics?  Do you play an instrument and/or sing?  Do you have a child that is unusually creative?  If yes, here are just a handful of the exciting things we'll learn together in songwriting lessons:

  • A Basic Instrument for Writing (Piano or Guitar)
  • Practical Music Theory
  • Song Structure
  • Song Analysis
  • Melody Development
  • Melody/Lyric Hook Creation
  • Syllable/Measure Coordination