All students/parents must read and sign this form to take lessons.

When Do I Pay? 

Payments for the full month are to be paid at the beginning of the first lesson of each new month. 

How Do I Terminate Lessons?

Students/Parents must give MusicWorks one month advance notice of their intention to discontinue lessons.  It is the responsibility of the parent/student to email MusicWorks, and in writing confirm you are terminating lessons.  A verbal message over the phone or to your instructor will not be considered valid.  Please email your written termination to:

What Happens if the Instructor Reschedules or is Absent for My Lesson?

The lesson will either be rescheduled or you will receive credit toward the next month’s lesson payment. 

What Are Considered Excused Absences?

Excused holidays include: 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. The days before and after each of the aforementioned holidays WILL NOT be excused absences. If applicable, please email MusicWorks any additional religious holiday(s) that will apply. 

What Are Considered Unexcused Absences?

When a student commits to a timeslot and reserves their instructor’s time, it is expected that the student meet that appointment on a weekly basis. We DO NOT excuse absences due to the following: illness, spring break, vacation, extracurricular events, transportation obstacles, schedule conflicts of any sort. Students are expected to pay the full tuition even if they are unable to make a lesson. 

What Should I Do if a Schedule Conflict Arises?

Because schedule and transportation conflicts do arise in every family from time to time, we are very happy to help you find a way to reschedule lessons as smoothly as possible. If the instructor’s schedule has a gap in between lessons it may be possible to reschedule lessons the week before, of, or after the missed lesson. This is on a first-come-first served basis.  

What is Your Payment Procedure if I am Absent from a Group Lesson?

Our payment procedures for absences from group lessons are identical with those from private lessons. 

What Happens if I Underpay for a Month?
Unfortunately, due to problems in the past, we now have to charge a $5.00 administration fee for underpayments. Our accounting is thrown off and we often need to spend administration time in correspondence regarding underpayment issues. Please be careful to make payments in full each month. 

What is Needed to Reschedule My Timeslot Altogether?

Changing to a new timeslot is fine. Many students will periodically need to adjust their timeslots due to seasonal changes in sports, work, etc. It is the student or guardian’s responsibility to formally notify and reschedule the entire time slot, giving at least three weeks of notice to make the needed scheduling adjustments. 

Why do You have These Absence Policies in Place?

This policy also encourages consistency in attendance, and in the end it makes for better players. Furthermore, on any given month, dozens of students may not attend one or more of their scheduled lessons. This necessarily demands much of the instructors’ time due to significant gaps in their lessons, and it seems reasonable to us and other lesson studios to ask for reimbursement of that time. This is common practice. 

How Should I Communicate with MusicWorks?

All scheduling and other communications can be done through our office: Email:
Phone: (608) 205-PLAY/7529

Privacy Policy

MusicWorks promises to keep your and your child's information confidential, and will never sell or give away personal information such as emails, phone numbers or names. 

I understand that by submitting this Policy and Procedure Form, I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the policies for the duration of my participation in MusicWorks's lesson program. I understand that any refusal to comply with the aforementioned procedures may result in the both the loss of timeslot and removal from MusicWork's lesson program.

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