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Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Piano

Lyle has a Bachelors degree in Music Theory & History from the University of Wisconsin, and has been teaching private lessons for the last 25 years. His approach to teaching music lessons is based on two principles: first, that music is a language, and students work toward the goal of communicating musical ideas as naturally as they speak, and second, that music is best performed with others. Consequently, Lyle uses activities like improvisation, ear training, and composition in his courses. Lyle also regularly performs as a soloist and with various groups throughout Wisconsin. 



Jake is a local pianist with a background in classical music and science education.  To Jake, musical ability is a valuable skill anyone can possess.  He teaches students to be independent, persistent, and goal oriented as they discover the potential of their memory. Jake's interest in Japanese contemporary composers has opened a world of inspiration he shares as a YouTube member and performing cover-soloist. He also works at transcribing music and writing his own compositions.


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